Our main aim may seem a little odd – we’d like to be out of business as quickly as possible.

Whether we work in Kigali, Rwanda or Kilmarnock, Scotland our investments, and we use the word advisedly, are focused upon self-sustaining interventions that can solve intractable problems. As a venture philanthropy we are the risk capital as it were. We are prepared to take risk on innovative approaches to seemingly unsolvable problems. To sum up our philosophy let’s not think about getting another ten miles per gallon in a car via creative design, let’s go back to the drawing board and design a car that can go 500 miles on one gallon. Of course we are not car designers. Our founders, Sir Tom and Lady Marion Hunter, have made a not insignificant sum of money through their entrepreneurialism and now they’d like to put it to good use for the common good. To do so we employ the mindset of an entrepreneur, we look to innovation and replication where a solution works. What we are not is a substitute for Government ergo to that end we work with Governments and partners on a ‘pilot, prove, adopt’ model. We will inject risk capital to pilot innovation, independently evaluate that innovation for cost-benefit and if its proven expect Government to adopt the innovation. Have we failed at any time? We would not be the risk capital if we hadn’t. Our areas of focus are entrepreneurship, education, opportunity for all and poverty reduction. And our model is a simple one – find innovative partners, disrupters, fund them against pre-agreed Key Performance Indicators whilst always remembering our customer, the individuals the innovation is there to serve.

To our founders THF gives them a fabulous opportunity to give back and as Tom frequently says ‘why would I want to be the richest man in the graveyard?’ In the Foundation we treat each day as if it may be our last, one day it will be either through redundancy or…it really was our last!