during the Scottish Independence debate THF commissioned and published a variety of objective, apolitical advice on the key issues in support of voters making an informed decision. We did this under the auspices of now taken down.

Our final publication was downloaded by over 100 000 interested parties and can be freely downloaded at questions-think-about-referendum-18-september

This was a single issue activity aimed at providing balanced, fact based information in order to enable voters to make informed choices. THF is considering further work in this arena and is proactively mapping that activity out with pre-selected partners.


THF believes entrepreneurship is vital to the development of any economy and continues to invest significantly in this arena. To check out some of our activities and partnerships click on the appropriate web link then if you have more questions email


Providing innovative, enterprise inspiring education is key to supporting the next generation of ‘can do’ students, employees and entrepreneurs. THF has invested significantly in this area to see where please again click on the various web


Many people in the UK suffer from a poverty of opportunity, but no more than that. We believe all of our citizens have the capacity to succeed give the right chances – a leg up not a hand out. To support the goal of providing that opportunity and tackling systemic change in a sustainable manner THF has a number of funding partnerships and has in the case of the STV Appeal been a founding partner in that endeavour. To see what we are up to take a look at our partners

In addition we will shortly announce two new partnerships with the Old Vic and a major programme of works in New Cumnock.


Our work here is predominantly in partnership with the Clinton Foundation through the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative (“CHDI”), however we have also funded a couple of scholarship programmes

To date we have invested circa $20m in this initiative with the predominant aim of building sustainable, profit making businesses whilst enabling an environment that supports every child’s full development.

Currently our focus is solely on Rwanda where in partnership and with guidance from the Rwandan people and its Government we aim to deliver import substitution and export enablement. In essence we aim to retain as much value in-country and to distribute the benefits of that retention throughout the supply chain maximising returns to farmers providing crops to the businesses.

Watch the video by clicking here on our works there or visit;

CHDI is currently assessing new investments in Rwanda.