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Challenging Children to Chief Executives to Turn £1 into a Small Fortune.


Micro-Tyco provides an opportunity for small groups of youngsters from nursery age all the way up to college and university to compete against multinational corporations in an amazing challenge.

With the help of business mentors, teams have to try to transform £1 into as much money as possible, using their entrepreneurial skills. All money generated through the challenge is then invested by WildHearts in micro-loans for the poorest people in a number of countries across the globe.

Last year saw 550 teams from schools, colleges, universities and businesses took part in Micro-Tyco. The numbers we believe speak for themselves.

“I didn’t really like school, the only subject I liked was sports coaching. I got suspended twice and I can’t remember why I got suspended. We had to borrow a pound from Micro-Tyco but when I was sitting thinking about it, the only thing I would really do with a pound is buy a scratchy card or I’d put a football coupon on.

Before I started Micro-Tyco I would have never been on time for anything. I would have showed up 10, 15 minutes late. But when I was doing Micro-Tyco, I was 10 minutes early and ready to work. Now I know how to go about setting up a business; like investing money, keeping half of it and investing the other half in something, and if that doesn’t work out for me, using the other half to invest in another thing. I know how to go about making money now, keeping money and basically make myself a profit.

Back before I started doing Micro-Tyco, I didn’t think I would even be able to get near setting up a business. Now I feel as if anybody could really set up a business. I could get a job now. If I went for the interview I would feel more confident and I’d be able to tell the people what I’ve done, my achievements and that.

Micro-Tyco has changed my whole outlook and my future.”