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A few years ago our Founders visited what was known as Bottom Hospital in Lilongwe, Milawi the main maternity hospital serving 1000 mothers per month. The infant and maternal mortality rates were appalling and as a cupboard was opened to show small bundles of dead babies, mothers gave birth on floors and the one doctor struggled to stay sane, we decided to do something about it.

Today through a unique partnership with ourselves, the Clinton Foundation, the Government of Malawi, the Children’s Investment Fund, STV Malawi Appeal and Mum’s Meals a new hospital is fully operational.

It is said this is the only hospital in sub-saharan Africa where a mother can give birth in private without paying for the privilege… If that’s true we are both proud and appalled; as I’m sure your are… The 220 bed facility was formally opened by President Mutharika in August and has 220 beds, 6 wards, a nursery wing, 11 labour wards, a post-natal ward, ante-natal ward and a private fee paying ward (whose funds go towards subsiding the overall facility).