A politics-free alternative climate crisis conference created because environmental action can’t be postponed

10th NOVEMBER, UK: BrewDog and The Hunter Foundation have announced today they will be backing ALT COP, an alternative climate crisis conference held on 16th November, created following the news that COP26 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are on the verge of an environmental crisis and we can’t afford to wait another year to take meaningful action. ALT COP will be free of political posturing and high-minded rhetoric – featuring a host of free-thinking speakers who are committed to bold ideas and immediate action.

In 2018, the IPCC – an intergovernmental body of the United Nations – gave industry 12 years to radically reduce environmental pollution before our climate hits an irreversible tipping point. Two of those years have passed and we cannot afford to wait for COP26 to be rescheduled. BrewDog and the Hunter Foundation want to ensure that discussions not only continue, but accelerate – without the involvement of the political establishment. Together, they have enlisted the support of a group of innovative corporate leaders to show how businesses can fix our future.

The online conference will feature talks from Ryan Gellert CEO of Patagonia, Rupert Read previously of Extinction Rebellion, Joey Willinger of All Birds, Professor Kevin Anderson, journalist Marsha Cooke, Ruth Andrade of Lush, researcher and writer on carbon footprinting Professor Mike Berners-Lee, and Caroline Rush, CEO of The British Fashion Council. By bringing together voices from these progressive organisations they will inspire others to take the leap and begin to adopt their sustainable approach to business. Together they will demonstrate that profits do not have to be made at the cost of the planet.

ALT COP will create a platform where progressive businesses can share their stories and inspire everyone to take action in any way that they can. It will present an actionable, solutions focused agenda that can be immediately put into practice to help pull the planet back from the brink of an environmental crisis.

James Watt, Co-founder of BrewDog commented: “We’re reaching a critical moment in our fight against the climate change emergency. With governments across the world failing to move the conversation forward, we believe that the job has fallen on businesses to ensure that change starts today. The cancellation of Cop26 was bullshit and shows political leaders are not giving this situation the attention it deserves. We have brought together world leading businesses and thought leaders to inspire the change that needs to happen now. As a global community we need to understand that activism has a place in our everyday lives.

The Sir Tom Hunter of the Hunter Foundation said: “The lethargic approach to the climate change emergency will only impact the world for future generations to come, there’s no time to waste. We hope that by partnering with BrewDog to offer a platform for businesses to discuss what is and can happen to safeguard the future will start the conversation with businesses across the globe. Through the arrival of President Elect, Joe Biden and his commitment to tackle the climate crisis offers some hope we simply need to get on with this now.” 

For more information on the conference and for the full speaker list head to http://www.altcop.earth. The conference will be available to stream live from https://youtu.be/QKWTNW_uHRg. The conference will be live streamed on the 16th of November kicking off at 2pm.