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Established in 1981, we have supported Radio Clyde’s Cash for Kids charity for many years.

In 2003 we committed £1m to fund CFK’s overhead costs for ten years ensuring every pound raised went straight to the kids most in need.

Children living in poverty are three times as likely to leave school without any qualifications. And those experiencing current or persistent poverty are more likely to play truant and leave school at the age of 16.

Poverty has very real, significant and long-lasting effect on children’s health, education and social skills and helping to break that cycle is where Cash for Kids, and your vital donations, play a part. With your help, we can change those statistics. Throughout the past year Cash for Kids distributed just under £1.6 million in the form of 25,000 family grants and 520 community support grants, directly supporting 100,000 vulnerable children in the west of Scotland.

Since its inception, Cash for Kids has raised an astonishing £23m and helped 1.6 million kids in desperate need of our help at Christmas… and all year round.

How does your money help?

Cash for Kids helps children in the west of Scotland in many different ways. We make every single penny of your valuable donations work hard and benefit a range of different groups and families to help make their lives better.

It could be those living in poverty that need support to break out of their difficult and sometimes dangerous daily routine, it could be those whose lives are severely impacted by serious illness and it could be those who have special needs who need support to learn and develop as their own people.

Supporters of Cash for Kids have faithfully supported the charity for over 30 years and now your support is needed more than ever.

Supporting the people and groups that help our most vulnerable children is one way that your money makes a massive difference to health and well-being of children in the west of Scotland whose lives are impacted by poverty or by social situation that are simply not of their making.

In 2011 we made 25, 998 awards ranging from individual family grants to substantial grants to help large projects.

Our biggest, for £50K, was made to ‘Calum’s Cabin’ – a respite holiday home that allows families with a child with cancer to have a wonderful holiday on the Isle of Bute – to help establish a second cabin opened in 2012.

The charity has to date raised some £23m for young people affected by poverty in the West of Scotland and last year supported an incredible 117,000 young people.

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