The Hunter Foundation’s strategy is to pilot, prove and, where possible, have the relevant Government or Agencies adopt solutions to significant societal challenges.

To do so we generally work in strategic partnerships with fellow funders, Governments and Agencies and like-minded individuals; on the odd occasion we go it alone but our strong view is partnerships are a significant lever for change.

THF has a twin focus of domestic, that is UK, investment predominantly in educational initiatives and internationally in attempting to develop a sustainable model of economic and social development in partnership with African Government’s i.e. enabling their vision not ours.

In the UK we partner with Children in Need on specific investments aimed at establishing a solution to the NEET challenge and with Cash for Kids in the West of Scotland.

Internationally amongst many other things our core focus is on delivering in partnership with the Clinton Foundation a model for economic and social enablement with the Rwandan and Malawian Governments. In doing so we are applying part of a joint funding pot we established with Comic Relief to leverage this activity.

Our Partners