The Hunter Foundation - investing in enterprise

The Hunter Foundation - investing in enterprise

Cash For Kids

Last year Radio Clyde Cash for Kids raised over £1M and helped almost 105,000 underprivileged children in the west of Scotland. This would not be possible without the support of the many businesses and members of the public who put their hands in the pockets and give unconditionally year after year.

This year CfK has received a record number of grant applications – infact 10% more than last year – the highest ever. A sign of the recession and the terrible impact it has on those already suffering from the effects of poverty and deprivation. But we can and do make a difference. Every year Cash for Kids works with social work staff, voluntary organisations and charities to deliver life changing opportunities for some of our most vulnerable children.

To aid that cause THF annually contributes a minimum of £ 100 000 to underwrite all the operational costs of CFK to ensure that every penny raised goes straight to where it's needed most...

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